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Top General Practitioner in Rohtak

My general practitioner clinic at Rohtak is an initial touchpoint for both preventative and diagnostic medical services. At Pgims, I work with patients of all ages from the local community. Whether it's an emergency or chronic condition, I practice endeavours to provide top quality treatment. I am highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and take a consultative approach to all patients. Contact me through my contact form to book an appointment or come in and speak to me in person.

Same-Day Appointments

If you require a same-day urgent appointment, please call PGIMS Rohtak when I open. My surgery has many spots available in case you have a worry that can't wait, so you needn't stress that your problem will go untreated. This service is intended for urgent care issues but not for emergencies. If you are having chest pain, are unable to breathe or are experiencing any other issue which cannot wait for a doctor’s callback, please call.

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